Hello Tumblr?

This is my first public post on Tumblr on this blog and I feel kinda awkward writing this and I don’t know whether people are even going to read this but I thought I just have to introduce myself so…
My name’s Naomi and I’m a 15-year old girl that lives in The Netherlands. I really like stuff like singing, writing, acting crazy and performing - even though I barely do it. I’m also known as someone that’s really wise, though I’d call it clever and I’m one of those people that never really had a lot of friends, is kinda awkward and who doesn’t fit in. Not that I try to fit in: I’d rather stay alone for the rest of my life than try to fit in with the average people. I do have a decent relationship with my family I guess…?
But well, I made this blog because I thought it’d be fun and I’m bored a lot lol.